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AE Automation
AE Automation 
AE, as an one-stop automated materials handling system solutions provider, we experience in consultancy, design, manufacture, installation, commission and maintenance of integrated solutions for automated materials handling systems and bulk materials handling solution stretching back more than 15 years.

We produce variety of products range from unit materials handling systems, bulk materials handling solutions, logistic, sortation and warehousing systems and also specialist (specializing) in contract equipment manufacturing.

We have a comprehensive range of products from standard design to custom-design materials handling system and also total control system, tailored to different budget and specific requirements of our clients.

Over the years, our products and services have been proven to be reliable, efficient, sturdy and highly cost-effective. Today, we have acquired reputation as one of the leading automated materials handling systems and solutions provider.

VERTICAL INTEGRATION : Fully integrated of in-house manufacturing process from material cutting, fabricating, painting to installation enable AE to control its production cost, quality and delivery timing. It enhances AE’s flexibility and efficiency in fulfilling different requirements from our valued customers.

PRECISION MACHINERIES and EQUIPMENT : AE's manufacturing plants, located in Malaysia, China, Indonesia and Thailand, are well equipped with various precision machineries and equipment. These machines and equipment, such as CNC Milling, Laser Cut, Oxy-Plasma Cutting, Turret Punch, Precision Cutting Milling and Bending, and Double Column Precision Measuring Machine are imported from established vendors including SAF (France), AMADA (USA), TRUMPF (Germany), OKURA and MAZAK (Japan).

TOTAL CONTROL SYSTEM : AE also provides total control system including programmable logic controller (PLC), automation manager (AM) and PC based PLC to enable total reporting from the materials flow process such as online monitoring result, activity task, complete task, product tracking and tracing, error and data reporting. Our experienced engineers are capable to implement the industrial networking and communication such as industrial Ethernet, Radio Frequency Identification System (RFIS), and to integrate/interface materials handling system with higher-level software such as warehouse management system (WMS), materials flow system (MFS) and main frame database.

BELT VULCANIZING SERVICE : AE has the expertise and full set of equipment to perform site-joint as well as in   house belt vulcanizing of all type of belts. This has been possible with the technical support and training from Bando Chemical Industries, a belting-specialist in Japan

AFTER SALES / MAINTENANCE SERVICES : AE believes that the provision of automation system to our clients is only the beginning of our working relationship. It is the after-sales service, training and maintenance that will be needed most when production gets underway, AE has formed a comprehensive after-sales service programs and networks to provide various supports to all the clients. These supports include training to end users, repair and maintenance services in factory or at client's premises, routine checking on machinery, equipment upgrading, provide consultancy and other related services to ensure that our clients enjoy maximum benefits and satisfaction.

CUSTOMER RANGE : Our company designs and implements all size of integrated materials handling solutions and projects for multinational corporation, across the Asia region, in various industries namely:

•  Electrical and electronic,
•  Food processing and bottling,
•  Packaging,
•  Automotive,
•  Logistic , warehousing and Distribution,
•  Metal related,
•  Plastic injection moulding ,
•  Pharmaceutical,
•  Mining, and
•  Other general industries

Some of our major customers include Sony, Matsushita, Sharp-Roxy, Seagate, Flextronic, Acer, Samsung, Nokia, Michelin, Proton, Toyota, Nestle, Tesco-Lotus, DHL, Siemens, Sumitomo, Maruyasu Kikai, Komatsu, Yamatake, Malaysian Port Authority, Petronas, Asean Bintulu Fertilizer, ABB, and Lafarge Group.