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About Us

Make Automation.My your ideal place for industry communication on business issues and opportunities.

Find out services that Automation.My offers to professionals and end-users in the AUTOMATION and INDUSTRIAL DESIGN sectors.

Automation.My is an independent business-to-business gateway aimed at Malaysian as well as the international users. It provides global access to information and services for the automation sector.

Unlike general sites and search engines,
Automation.Myis a NATURAL-HIT DOMAIN PORTAL, DRIVE THOUSANDS OF NATURAL TRAFFICS by it’s name, highly specialised, and can be termed a "hub", functioning as a sort of meeting point or "hub", a place of permanent rendezvous for all those who work in this sector.

The site is therefore:

• a point of contact for all operators
• a means of creating new business opportunities and pinpointing potential partners
• a source of greater visibility for companies and all those who operate in this sector.


Who uses Automation.My?

Automation.My has been conceived and produced to reach Malaysian & international audience. AUTOMATION users cover the world. The site has a truly global usership. Most visitors to the site tend to consult Automation.My to find useful information relating to latest developments or innovations in the sector, or to discuss problems or seek new partners. Users also visit the site to check on products and services offered by listed companies. Other visitors include associations, university departments and specialist press etc.

How the POST functions in Automation.My?

From each Automation.My page users can click their way into one of the following specific areas:
Post – this area provides details of automation companies which can be identified by their specific fields of business, or by products, name, category, & region. An open search by keywords is also available.

Automation companies, machines, equipment, materials, products & services. The Post area is teeming with all the business information you need about companies operating in the Automation Industry Malaysia and World. Our user-friendly search facilities will help you in your search.

A large number of companies and organisations involved in the automation sector are to be found in this area of Automation.My. For ease of search, it can be browse by state or alphabetical order or can be found performing an open search by keywords.

This portal also open to anyone looking for potential customers or suppliers, to sell or buy new and used machinery & equipment, to offer or request job opportunities, services, materials and products, to make contacts for new business partnerships. By simply placing your post/announcement you can reach a very focused audience.